Remote Backup

a2b technologies provides different types of remote backup solutions depending on the needs of your organization and current infastructure.

Backup Solutions:
  • Cloud Backup - a2b can configure a backup solution to a cloud provider of your choice that allows for scalability, efficiency, and reduced hosting costs.
  • Backup to a2b-Hosted Datacenter - a2b can configure a remote backup solution that ensures easy local access and safe data storage with increased protections against threats such as crypto-lockers.

    Customizable Options:
    • Backup Frequency available on an hourly, daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basi.
    • Database Backup, including but not limited to SQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Exchange, and more
    • Data Geo-Redundancy: When selecting the a2b-hosted backup option, data can be backed up across multiple datacenters, improving redundancy.

    a2b staff will examine your current infastructure and determine the best possible configuration to ensure the safety and reliability of your backup.

    Please contact us today to find out how our remote backup solutions can help improve the redundancy of your organization's infastructure in times when it is needed most.